6. FAQ

6.1. How can I exclude accounts from being processed by Keeto?

Keeto is associated with keyboard-interactive authentication via PAM. Disabling keyboard-interactive authentication for specific users does the trick. This can be configured in the sshd_config file of OpenSSH through the Match directive as follows:

Match User foo,bar
    AuthenticationMethods publickey
    AuthorizedKeysFile .ssh/authorized_keys

6.2. Not all certificates/CRL’s in the certificate store are utilized

Make sure that every certificate/CRL has a corresponding symlink created with the c_rehash utility. Beware that older version of c_rehash only processed files with the extension .pem. If you are using such a version consider symlinking or renaming the original file with the proper extension.

6.3. Keeto doesn’t seem to check the LDAP server certificate chain against the CRL

If Keeto has been configured to check CRL’s it depends on the crypto library libldap has been linked against. As for now CRL checking is only supported if libldap has been linked against OpenSSL. In any other case the CRL check is skipped. Keeto logs the following entry if the CRL check cannot be performed through libldap:

[C] failed to set ldap option: key 'LDAP_OPT_X_TLS_CRLCHECK', value '2'

Note that this only applies to the verification of the LDAP server certificate chain during secure connection establishment (StartTLS/LDAPS). Validation of user certificates against the CRL will always be performed if ‘check_crl’ has been set to ‘1’ in the Keeto configuration file.